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Hostmist promotional code 15% OFF lifetime for their  KVM and OpenVZ plan, Grab a new VPS or make the switch to Host Mist LLC. Use hostmist coupon code for 15% off for life!

All VPS KVM or OpenVZ plans include
– Choice of OS (CentOS, Debian, uBuntu, Fedora, etc)
– Complimentary DNS services
– SolusVM control panel (manage your VPS)

Virtual Private Servers from Host Mist are designed to ensure that you have what you need. Whether you have outgrown your current shared hosting, or are looking to take a dive into providing your own web hosting services, we have a VPS that will fit you. Featuring SolusVM web panel.

Host Mist is a web hosting provider that offers premium quality services from multiple locations throughout the United States and Germany. they founded on September 26, 2008, and have been serving clients ever since! Our servers all feature hardware RAID for redundancy as well as fast network ports.

here is little good review hostmist

So far I’m very happy with HostMist. I signed up for Lightning, with 15% discount. There was an initial glitch in creating the VPS, but they answered my support ticket within 10 minutes. After that, everything has been great.

The VPS is very fast. The host it’s running on doesn’t seem to be overly crowded.

$ uptime
12:23:50 up 2 days, 22:28, 2 users, load average: 0.02, 0.05, 0.01

I don’t know if the load averages take into account the load on the entire host, or just my VPS. I’m not an OpenVZ expert by any means.

Bandwidth is good, too. Overall, I’m a happy customer.


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