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Coupon Code CDN Frontrangehosting will make you own cheap CDN With this discount you are paying 5 cents per gigabyte of transfer! For your first 50 GB. What happens after? Once your balance gets to 5GB left, you will receive a bill to top off your CDN balance before it is exhausted, if there’s a credit card on the account it will automatically top off as needed. Usually at 4.50 to bring you back to 50GB of banked CDN capacity.

This promotion is not just limited to a small first 5 customers or anything, it’s for the next 100 customers or the expiration date.

Global Cheap CDN Powered by OnApp and our global federation of CDN providers gives your websites the edge they need to load quicker, which increases conversions and customer retention. One study of a major internet retailer estimated that 1 second of load time would cost them over 2 billion dollars in sales a year. For smaller companies with tighter budgets this means it’s even more important to use every tool you can to retain those customers and convert new clients. These affordable 50GB of CDN transfer can make a big difference to you and your customers.


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